Information - venue, transport


Assembly Hall (Aula) in Building ZY
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava
Syllabova 19, Ostrava–Zábřeh

Meeting venue

Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava
Building ZY - 3rd floor, room 317
Adress: Syllabova 19, Ostrava 3


CZK (Kč) Czech crown (česká koruna)
1 EUR = 26 CZK
1 USD = 23 CZK
It is necessary to change some amount of the Czech crowns (there is a possibility of exchange at the airport Prague, not in airport Ostrava), because in public transportations, taxi as well as in some small shops only Czech crowns are acceptable (without possibility to pay by card). Many shops, restaurants as well as tourist centres accept Euros. But you should not be surprised that particularly in shops any change returned will be in Czech crowns. Please use only official exchange offices.


By plane to Prague or Ostrava

  1. Flight to Ostrava + taxi to the hotel (about 400 - 500 CZK)
    Flights are mostly more expensive to Ostrava than to Prague
  2. Flight to Prague + bus or taxi to main train station (Hlavni nadrazi) + train to Ostrava + tram or taxi to the hotel

Updated: 20. 11. 2019