Degree Programmes

Study Programmes Offered in English and Italian

Bachelor's Degree Programmes
Master's Degree Programmes

Study Programmes Offered in Czech

Bachelor Degree Programmes (3 Years)
General Nursing
Pediatric Nursing
Nutritional Therapy
Medical Rescue (Emergency Paramedic)
Laboratory Diagnostics
Radiological Assistance
Health Protection and Promotion
Master Degree Programmes (2 Years)
Geriatric Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing
Community Midwifery
Intensive Care
Applied Physiotherapy
Protection and Promotion of Public Health
Master Degree Programmes (6 Years)
General Medicine
Doctoral Degree Programmes (4 Years)
Surgical Disciplines
Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology
Clinical Neurosciences

Updated: 02. 08. 2021