Short term courses

Clinical internships for international undergraduate and postgraduate students

The Faculty of Medicine UO participates in a system of short-term internships for students of the General Medicine programme; the internships take place at selected clinical departments of the Ostrava (Clinic of Surgery, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation, Obstetrics-Gynaecological Clinic, Clinic of Peadiatrics, Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Clinic of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Department of Dermatology). more…

The Faculty of Medicine UO also offers short-term clinical internships at other clinics and departments of University Hospital: Clinic of Internal Medicine, Radiology Institute, Trauma Centre, Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Clinic of Oncology, Neurology Clinic, Department of Hematooncology, Psychiatric Department, Blood Centre.

IFMSA internships

The Medical Faculty is home to a branch of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA CZ), which organizes research and clinical internships in the Czech Republic for international students. For more information on IFMSA internships, please contact the local IFMSA coordinator Magda Vavříková (

Updated: 17. 09. 2018