Faculty of Medicine Mission Statement

  1. The Faculty of Medicine is an education provider offering degrees in general medicine and non-medical health care disciplines. We train our students to work as top-class professionals in their chosen fields as well as helping them to develop personal skills enabling them to thrive after graduation.
  2. The Faculty of Medicine is a research institution with clearly defined priorities and goals. We support all our research teams in an effort to become a widely renowned centre of research excellence.
  3. The Faculty of Medicine promotes academic values and traditional ethical standards and principles which will always remain stable regardless of how society may change.

Anchored in these basic principles, we are building a strong, self-confident faculty which will grow to become a successful and renowned brand. Building a strong educational and research infrastructure at the Faculty of Medicine is a continual process; the ultimate goal is to be competitive not only within the Czech Republic, but also on the international stage. Only strong and stable economic foundations make it possible to provide top-class teaching while also achieving excellent research results.

The success of the Faculty depends on all of us.

To ensure the Faculty continues to develop in the right direction, it is essential to implement the following principles in our everyday work:

  • Integrity
  • Invention
  • Initiative
  • Internationalization
  • Interdisciplinarity

Updated: 09. 11. 2017