International cooperation

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava, invites and welcomes students, academics and researchers from all over the world. The international cooperation work aims to make the faculty more competitive and attractive, with education and research at a high international level and an academic programs that encourage and facilitate international cooperation. The Faculty staff is very international, we have active collaboration with our international partners, including student and teacher mobility.

We cultivate extensive international links with over 40 universities in 20 European countries (Erasmus+). Besides inter-university agreements, Faculty of Medicine also offer periods of study, internships and practical training for international students based on faculty agreements concluded directly between faculty and the foreign university in more then 10 countries (e.g. Austrália, Ghana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malawi, Poland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Unites States, Vietnam).

International Coordinators of the Faculty
Faculty International Coordinator
+420 553 46 1724
Relazioni Internazionali
+420 553 46 1798
+420 553 46 3508

Updated: 28. 03. 2023