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Impact of covid, postcovid / longcovid in rehabilitation
Project IdNU22-A-114
Main solverdoc. Ing. Hana Tomášková, Ph.D.
Period4/2022 - 12/2023
ProviderAgentura zdravotnického výzkumu ČR
AnotationIn practice, we observe higher demands on the provision of inpatient capacity for rehabilitation, especially of covid and postcovidal patients, which affects the free capacities for patients who need rehabilitation for reasons other than COVID-19. Therefore, the primary goal of the project is to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on rehabilitation health care. The project will include COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized at the University Hospital Ostrava in the period 3 / 2020?12 / 2021. The hospital information system and internal systems will be used for data analysis. Patients will be divided into groups according to the monitored parameters - reasons for indications for rehabilitation, associated comorbidities, type of care (intensive, standard). Based on the results, new or reworked existing procedures will be proposed, especially in the field of rehabilitation planning, its organization and ensuring the necessary volume of care for both hospitalized patients requiring covid or postcovide rehabilitation, and subsequently patients with long covid.