About the Centre for Epidemiological Research

The Centre for Epidemiological Research forms an integral part of the Faculty of Medicine. Its main activities are:

  • research in epidemiology focusing on selected infectious diseases, epidemiology of high-priority non-infectious diseases, epidemiology of the natural, human and occupational environment – research projects funded by grant agencies in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • integration and coordination of epidemiology-related research activities and specialist staff across the entire Faculty, identification of potential new areas for research
  • provision of expert consultancy in the implementation of research projects, establishment of new research teams for projects

The Centre is run by a Director who is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. The advisory bodies of the Centre are its Academic Board and Advisory Committee – both consisting of renowned experts from the Centre and other institutions, who discuss and advise on all key decisions.

Updated: 25. 01. 2018