Main areas of research at the Centre


  • To develop epidemiological research of infectious and non-infectious diseases, including research of the relationship between the environment and public health
  • To prepare the Centre’s own national and international research projects in order to access funding
  • To provide consultancy for doctoral students and other staff members preparing research projects

Current research

The Centre for Epidemiological Research is currently involved in the following research projects:

In cooperation with international partners

  • project “Lung cancer” in conjunction with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France (implementation at Ostrava University Hospital)
  • project “Bladder cancer” in conjunction with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA (implementation at Ostrava City Hospital)
  • project “Lung cancer in female non-smokers” in conjunction with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA (preparatory phase)
  • project “Heart rate variability” in conjunction with University College London, UK (implemented with partial funding from the University of Ostrava’s SGS internal student grant scheme)

Funded by Czech agencies (Ministry of Health, Czech Health Research Council):

  • project “Epidemiology and genetics of Alzheimer’s disease” IGA MZ ČR 2010-2015
  • project “Epidemiology and genetics of hearing impairments” IGA MZ ČR 2011-2015
  • project “Epidemiology and genetics of schizophrenia” IGA MZ ČR 2013-2015
  • project “Respiratory problems in asthmatic patients in relation to worsening air quality in Ostrava” IGA MZ ČR 2013-2015
  • project “Genetics and epidemiology of mild cognitive disorder” - AZV 16-29900A (1. 4. 2016 - 31. 12. 2019)
  • project “Genetics and epidemiology of Alzheimer’s disease” AZV 16-31207A (1. 4. 2016 - 31. 12. 2019)

Local research projects implemented in collaboration with the Centre:

  • doctoral dissertations
  • project “epidemiology of prostate cancer” (with the Institute of Pathology)
  • project “epidemiology of urolithiasis”
  • project “anxiety disorders in cardiac patients”
  • project “epidemiology of toxocarosis”
  • project “epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases”
  • project “epidemiology of hip replacements”
  • collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health
  • project “biomonitoring of chemical substances in urine”
  • collaboration with the Cardiology Department, Ostrava University Hospital
  • project “prevalence of ischemia in lower limbs”
  • project “evaluation of the accuracy of laser measurements of circumferences and volumes of various parts of the human body”

The Centre is also participating in the preparation of large-scale research projects:

  • Healthy Aging in an Industrial Environment - project submitted via the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education, priority axis 1, investment priority 1, specific goal 1, call: Excellent research

Updated: 01. 02. 2018