International Co-operation


In recent years, student exchanges have become an essential and highly desirable part of university education. They provide students with a chance to improve their knowledge and skills in their own subject as well as to compare intercultural differences in teaching, approaches towards patients, and life in general.

If you are interested in studying and living in the Czech Republic and you wish to spend a semester or two as an exchange student at the University of Ostrava, first you should contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator or International Relations Officer at your home institution. If there is an Inter-institutional agreement under the Erasmus+ Programme signed between your home university and the University of Ostrava, you can be chosen as an exchange student. Your nomination has to be sent to us by your home university responsible person (e.g. Erasmus+ Coordinator or International Relations Officer). Once we receive the nomination for your Erasmus+ stay, our Erasmus Faculty Coordinator will provide you with detailed instructions by e-mail.

Offer for Exchange students

Partner universities for the Nutrition and Dietetics
Thomas More Kempen
Nutrition & Dietetics
UC Leuven University
Nutrition & Dietetics
Atilim University
Nutrition & Dietetics
Opole University
Nutrition & Dietetics
Medical University of Lublin
Nutrition & Dietetics
Universidad de Murcia
Nutrition & Dietetics

Course offerings for international students

Courses are offered primarily for students studying nutrition, human nutrition and dietetics

Contact person:

Mgr. Pavla Škarková, DiS.
Phone: +420 553 46 1776

Updated: 22. 04. 2022