About the Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology

The Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology is a workplace with pedagogical, scientific, research, expert and medical activities.

The Institute provides teaching in the subjects of physiology and pathological physiology for the field of General Medicine and teaching of physiology and pathological physiology for all bachelor study programs accredited at the Faculty of Medicine. From specialized fields the Institute provides and guarantees teaching in the subjects of physiology of work and ergonomics, special examination methods in physiology of work, civilization diseases and physiology of nutrition for bachelor and follow-up master's degree programs. The extent of teaching in the lecture and practical part is determined by the content of individual study fields of the faculty.

The Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology guarantees and organizes the education of students in the bachelor study program Nutritional Therapist (ending accreditation in 2021) and the newly accredited Nutritional Therapy study program, whose aim is to prepare specialists working in the field of preventive and curative specific nutritional care. The study program is accredited both in full-time and part-time form of study. In connection with the offered field and specialization of the Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, lifelong education is realized in the form of courses, seminars and projects.

For educational purposes, the Institute is equipped with classrooms and laboratories enabling teaching at the highest level in accordance with the latest trends in medicine. Practical exercises in physiology are carried out in part in a laboratory equipped with PowerLab system from AD Instruments company and in part in a hematology laboratory. The PowerLab learning system allows students to work in small groups with the ability to conduct a wide range of experiments to gain and deepen their understanding of the function of individual organ systems, from cardiovascular, respiratory, muscles to the senses and nervous system. More about PowerLab.

For the physiology of work and ergonomics, the Institute is equipped with a laboratory for anthropometric measurements, measurement of energy expenditure, functional examination of the cardiopulmonary system, apparatus for measuring thermal load and for examination of physical activity using the integrated electromyography method. The device is used for pedagogical and scientific activities and last but not least also expert activities in the field of sports medicine.

Updated: 30. 03. 2020