Research at the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry

Neurology Clinic

Research at the Neurology Clinic focuses primarily on these areas:

  • cerebrovascular issues
  • issues of neurosonology, primarily with relation to cerebrovascular diseases and neurodegenerative illnesses
  • neurodegenerative illnesses and cognitive impairment
  • demyelinating diseases
  • nervous-muscular diseases
  • epileptology and sleep medicine

Research is carried out by Department staff and doctoral students (writing dissertations), as part of grant-funded projects – national (Health Ministry, Czech Science Foundation), city or regional grants.

Psychiatric Department

Research at the Psychiatric Department focuses primarily on two key areas:

  • Plasmatic levels in psychopharmaceuticals: research in close conjunction with the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava) and the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (Ostrava University Hospital). The register of approved psychopharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic is unique, including the vast majority of anti-depressives in current use, plus anti-psychotics and pharmaceuticals from other groups. Research focuses on the relation between dosage and plasmatic levels, plasmatic levels and effects (or adverse effects), and plasmatic levels and patients’ adherence to treatment.
  • The use of transcranial sonography in psychiatry: research in close conjunction with the Neurology Clinic (Ostrava University Hospital), i.e. with colleagues in the Medical Faculty’s Department of Neurology and Psychiatry. This new imaging method has so far been used almost exclusively in neurology, and the Psychiatry Department is one of the first international institutions to investigate the applicability of this method in diagnostics, differential diagnostics, and the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Updated: 05. 02. 2018