Admission to study



Applicants must submit the e-application, attach the required documents, and pay the admission fee to the completed e-application and submit it. If the applicant fails to attend the entrance examination, the fee is non-refundable. Applicants who have submitted a correctly completed application form within the set deadline will receive an invitation to the entrance examination; the invitation will contain detailed information and instructions concerning organizational matters related to the day of the entrance examination in the e-application system. The date/time specified in the invitation is binding and cannot be changed.

Required documents

  • Applicants who are provisionally admitted to study must send a certified copy of their secondary school diploma/certificate no later than the date stipulated in the letter of notification of provisional admission or under the terms and conditions agreed in the contract with the recruitment agency. If the applicant’s documents are incomplete after the date stipulated in the letter of notification of provisional admission, the applicant will receive notification of non-admission for failure to meet the conditions for admission.
    • Foreign nationals (non-citizens of the Czech Republic) must submit a certificate of nostrification (official validation of their foreign educational certificate(s) by the relevant Czech authority).
    • Foreign nationals holding the European Baccalaureate must send the original or a certified copy of their secondary school certificate/diploma (they do not need to send a certificate of nostrification).
    The final deadline for sending the secondary school certificate/diploma is 31 August.
  • Applicants must submit a medical certificate issued by a general practitioner under Ministry of Health Directive 271/2012 Coll. (in its current version), stating that the applicant is capable of studying the programme and working in the profession. This certificate must explicitly state that it is issued for the General Medicine programme. A standard template for this medical certificate is available on the Faculty’s website. The certificate must be submitted by the e-application deadline. This certificate must be accompanied by its higher authentication (apostille, or superlegalization), unless the applicant′s country is exempt from such obligation by means of a bilateral treaty with the Czech Republic. Certificates in languages other than Czech, Slovak or English must be accompanied by an officially certified translation into Czech.
  • These mandatory supporting documents (enclosures) must be submitted no later than before enrolling in the programme. If an applicant fails to submit these documents, they will not be admitted to study, and the results of the admissions procedure will be invalidated. No part of the application, including the required supporting documents (enclosures), will be returned to the applicants.

Information on the processing of personal data soubor pdf 1,00 MB

Deadlines and admission schedule

The deadline for submitting the e-application and paying the admission fee for the entrance examinations 2024/2025 is 15 March 2024. The entrance examinations will be held on several dates from January to August 2024. Latest deadline for submission of applications is two weeks before the selected entrance examination date.

Application fee

All applicants are required to pay a fee for submitting and processing the application form. The application fee is CZK 2,000 (EUR 80). Please note that the fee must be in our account before the day of the entrance examination. Otherwise, the applicant will not be allowed to take the entrance examination.

Bank account details for payment of the application fee:
ČNB Ostrava
Account number:
0000931761, bank code 0710
Payment type number (“Konstantní symbol”):
Payment reference number (“Variabilní symbol”):
Transfer post office:
702 00 Ostrava 2
Information for payments from abroad:
CZ65 0710 0000 0000 0093 1761
Additional information – bank-to-bank transfer:
Type of bank charges OUR – the payer must pay all charges
Beneficiary name:
Faulty of Medicine, University of Ostrava
Beneficiary Address:
Syllabova 19, Ostrava 3, Czech Republic
Bank name:
Česká národní banka, pobočka Ostrava
Bank address:
Nádražní 1078, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

International representative

The Faculty cooperates with the following student recruitment agencies. Applicants have also option to apply on their own through our website as well.

Cyprus & Greece
AA Czech Studies s.r.o.

India, United Arab Emirates
OM Consultants FZC

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain
Medizin-Studium-Ausland (MSA)


Poland, Finland, United Kingdom, India

Portugal, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates
CMS Agency,,

United Kingdom
Medical Doorway

United Kingdom

Conditions for admission to the study programme

The applicant must have completed secondary-level education, including the school-leaving examination.

The applicant must fill in the application form correctly and pay the application fee.


applicant must submit all required supporting documents (enclosures) with the application.

The applicant must pass the entrance examination for the General Medicine programme.

To be admitted to study, the applicant must be ranked among the stipulated number of students selected for admission based on the entrance examination (in descending order from the highest score attained in the entrance examination); the number of students admitted is also dependent upon the limited capacity of the programme.

Applicants should have at least an ECFR B2 level of English as the courses are taught in English.

Foreign nationals (i.e. non-citizens of the Czech Republic), with the exception of those holding the European Baccalaureate, must submit a certificate of nostrification (official validation of their foreign education certificate(s) by the relevant Czech authority) or meet the terms and conditions agreed with the recruitment agency. The certificate of nostrification may be issued by the University of Ostrava. Nostrification document has to be provided by the successful applicant before the final enrollment to study, not for the entrance exam.

Address and contact

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava (Lékařská fakulta Ostravské univerzity)
Study Office (Studijní oddělení)
Syllabova 19
703 00 Ostrava 3
Czech Republic

Contact persons for General Medicine (Study Office):
Bc. Petra Brzeźniaková, DiS.
Phone: + 420 553 46 1722

Updated: 30. 01. 2024