Entrance examination

Dates of entrance examination 2024/2025

The entrance examinations (General Medicine) will be held at the Faculty of Medicine University of Ostrava (June 2024) and/or in selected countries of our representatives (January – August 2024).

Applicants should contact our representatives in the selected countries and sit the entrance examinations in these countries.

Non-EU nationals may take the entrance exam from January to June, in order to complete the visa application procedure for university enrollment in time. Entrance exams in July and August are available for EU citizens only.

Information on the entrance exam

  • The examination takes the form of a computer-based online written test.
  • The content of the test will reflect the current standard secondary school curriculum requirements for the Czech Republic and will be based on the published topics (not solely on the recommended literature). Each question in the test will have only one answer, which will be considered the most correct and adequate answer to the question; for the purposes of the test, this answer will be considered the only correct answer.
  • The content of the written test will cover topics from three sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Each written test will contain 30 questions on each of the three sciences. Each correct answer will be awarded one point.
  • Scoring criteria for the entrance examination: The maximum score an applicant obtain is 90 points. The lower limit for passing the entrance examination is a total of 26 points; applicants must attain at least the minimum score required for each part of the entrance examination.
  • For the purposes of the admission procedure, applicants will be ranked according to the total number of points scored in all three parts of the written test.

Test parts
Minimum points
Maximum points
Written test – Physics
Written test – Chemistry
Written test – Biology
Total score

Topics for the entrance examination and sample tests

Number of admitted students

Expected maximum number of applicants to be admitted:
Expected minimum number of applicants to be admitted:

Applicants with the highest scores are admitted to study. According to the capacity of the Faculty, the total number of applicants admitted and the corresponding minimum score limit are set.

When admitted

After successful admission (the entrance exam and recognition of the admission documents), the applicant will receive an admission letter from the Faculty, which is usually requitextred as part of the visa application. It is highly recommended that all applicants from non-EU and non-Schengen countries apply for their visas well in advance. Applicants will receive all payment details and further information on the day of enrolment. All other details related to the day of enrolment will be given in a letter sent to those applicants who successfully pass the entrance examination, take the place in the order of all applicants equal to or higher than the maximum capacity for the degree program, and are proposed for admission.

Updated: 08. 01. 2024