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Department of Pathology

The Department of Pathology is a workplace carrying out its own teaching, scientific and research-related activities. The Department’s teaching activities consist of theoretical and practical instruction in pathology, which takes place during the second year of every Bachelor degree programme at the Faculty of Medicine.

Students of the third year in the Medical Laboratory Technician degree programme can write their final thesis under the supervision of the Institute’s staff.

The Department’s scientific and research-related activities are focused on the field of special pathology and cytology, particularly on pneumopathology, dermatopathology, gynecopathology, pathology of the mamma and pathology of the thyroid gland. Members of the Institute also specialize in the nanopathology of inneuroendocrine tumours, neoplasms in the context of molecular pathology and immunohistochemistry, amyloidosis and bariatric treatment for obesity (currently being researched in a grant-funded project).

Scientific activity

Scientific research draws on archival processing of fresh human material and includes both lecturing and publishing.

The Department is also involved in grant-funded activities (IGMZ, Ministry of Education, SGS), to a large extent in cooperation with the Ostrava University Hospital.

Grant: MSK - Colorectal Cancer - Molecular genetic analysis of selected genes.
Grant: SGS - Contribution of immunohistochemical methods to the evaluation of dysplastic changes in the cervix.

The Head of the Department Doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Horáček, CSc. is the coordinator of the certification course Gynecological Cytodiagnostics.

The Department organizes a range of regular conferences, seminars and other events, such as the Clinical Morphology Day, the Cytology Day and more.

International contacts

The Department of Pathology cooperates in its research activities with the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) and the University of Trnava (Slovakia). In recent years, the Department has cultivated close cooperation with the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) and the Institute of Pathology in Vienna, Austria (Jakob-Erdheim-Institut für Pathologie – especially the Department of Biology and Institute of Pathological Anatomy). This international collaboration was initiated via the Socrates-Erasmus program, which also helps to fund student mobility. Students have the opportunity to work in morphology-focused laboratories enabling them to develop their dissertations and theses.

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