About the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Pathology and Medical Genetics

Besides its research activities, the Institute of Pathology also provides a range of teaching at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Teaching focuses on both theoretical and practical courses in pathology, which form part of the second year of all Bachelor’s degree programmes and the third year of the Master’s programme in General Medicine.

The Institute also carries out comprehensive diagnostics of biopsy tissues, including extensive perioperative diagnostics. It also conducts non-gynecological cytological tests and autopsy diagnostics for the clinics and departments of the Ostrava University Hospital. The Institute works closely alongside other institutions and pathology departments throughout the Czech Republic. It possesses high-quality modern equipment enabling it to apply standard and innovative new methods (immunohistochemical, histochemical, immunofluorescence, electron microscopy, molecular pathology, computer image analysis). We also use telepathology and virtual digital microscopy methods. We carry out around 18 000 biopsy tests every year, plus 2 000 cytological tests and 350 autopsies. Our team consists of 11 medical staff, 13 laboratory assistants, 5 practical assistants and 4 administrative staff.

Updated: 11. 11. 2021