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About the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine was established in 2010. Its history is closely connected with the Medical-Social Faculty of the University of Ostrava, which was established in 1993. In 2008 the Medical-Social Faculty was divided into two faculties: the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Health Studies. The Faculty of Health Studies was transformed into the Medical Faculty in 2010. Since its humble beginnings in a few rooms of the accommodation block for nurses at the Ostrava Faculty Hospital - offering three degree programmes and with 77 students enrolled - it has grown into a modern faculty training future doctors and other medical professionals.

The Faculty currently has more than 1200 students studying in ten Bachelor degree programmes, one six-year Master's and three standard Master's programmes. The degree programmes provided by the Faculty cover the complete range of allied and nursing medical professions, ranging from social sciences-oriented specializations to those related to medical technology and laboratories. The Faculty's teaching and research activities are carried out by 13 institutes and departments located mostly at the Faculty's premises in Ostrava-Zábřeh. In the field of scientific research the Faculty participates in numerous research and grant-funded activities, including several international programmes. There has also been successful development of student and teacher mobility over the past few years, including international participation. We cooperate with a number of institutes abroad, in countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, the United Kingdom and Finland.

Students' medical practice-based courses are provided at specialist departments of the Faculty Hospital in Ostrava, where renowned clinical experts introduce our students to state-of-the-art methods, trends and procedures in their particular area of health care.

The Faculty is involved in international cooperation at various levels. We have partnership agreements with 25 European universities within the LLP Erasmus Programme. Outside Europe, we cooperate with institutions in the USA, Ghana, Madagascar, Taiwan and Australia. We also participate in European projects such as Intensive Programme and Leonardo.

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