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About the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology

The subject of pharmacology or clinical pharmacology is taught in 5 Bachelor degree programmes - Medical Examination Methods, Physiotherapy, General Nurse, Obstetrics and Medical Rescue Worker. In the first part, known as general pharmacology, we trace the path of a medical drug within a living organism (pharmacokinetics), consisting of 6 parts: compliance, liberation, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. During the course of pharmacokinetic processes, the organism or a part of it is affected (pharmacodynamics), usually resulting in a pharmacotherapeutic effect on the disease. We also study various types of unwanted side-effects of medical drugs and the specifics of administering such drugs during pregnancy, infancy and old age. A special branch of pharmacology involves influencing various functions and diseases, such as cardiovascular substances, antibiotics, antiasthmatics, cytostatics, analgetics, and others. We also pay detailed attention to our main activity influencing patient pharmacotherapy - therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). We rank among Europe's top facilities in this particular area.

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