The key area of research at the Institute is personalized pharmacotherapy – especially therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), phenotypization, genotypization, side effects, pharmaceutical interaction, hypertension, and pharmaceutical consumption.

Clinical pharmacology is a discipline that cuts across all fields of medicine, opening up the potential for broad-based research cooperation with all clinical workplaces of the Ostrava University Hospital. Staff from the institute have collaborated (or are currently collaborating) on research projects with colleagues from the Nuclear Medicine Clinic, the Internal Medicine Clinic, the Transplantation Centre, the Psychiatric Department, the Cardiac Surgery Clinic, and the Neurology Clinic. The Institute is currently coordinating the research project Modification of pharmaceutical dosage in treatment of atrial fibrillation following surgical ablation on the basis of personalized pharmacotherapy.

As part of a large-scale neuroscience research project, the Institute’s clinical pharmacology laboratory has been equipped with specialist LC-MS/MS equipment which is used for researching personalized pharmacotherapy with both small-molecule and large-molecule pharmaceuticals. This research is now producing results of global significance.

The Institute regularly co-organizes national and international conferences - most recently the 13th EACPT conference in Prague (2017).

Updated: 06. 02. 2018