About the reference laboratory for anaerobic bacteria

The reference laboratory for anaerobic bacteria identifies pre-isolated anaerobic pathogenic bacteria and determines their sensitivity to antibiotics. It also isolates and identifies these bacteria directly from samples of human and veterinary clinical materials and from samples of food and other biological materials.

Activities of the laboratory:

  • methodological guidance for microbiology centres – introduction of new standard testing and cultivation methods
  • testing and monitoring of commercially produced diagnostic/detection aids for identifying and cultivating anaerobic pathological bacteria and determining their sensitivity to antibiotics
  • identification of phyla sent by microbiology centres following their isolation
  • direct collaboration with microbiology laboratories of the Health Ministry and public health and veterinary laboratories/authorities, methodological guidance (especially for the introduction of new methods, technologies and diagnostic equipment)
  • monitoring trends in the development of antibiotic resistance in selected groups of anaerobic pathogens
  • cooperation with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in monitoring antibiotic sensitivity in selected groups of anaerobic pathogens
  • collaboration with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre (hyperbaric chamber) at the Ostrava City Hospital in treatment of anaerobic infections
  • close cooperation with national veterinary authorities, food/agriculture inspection authorities, and the national trade inspection authority – monitoring food safety
  • close cooperation with national nuclear, chemical and biological protection authorities – rapid detection of anaerobic pathogenic microorganisms which could be used as weapons of mass destruction
  • laboratory testing to determine the presence of anaerobic pathogens for the public health authorities of the Ministry of Health
  • maintenance of a collection of diagnostic preparations – reference phyla of anaerobic pathogenic bacteria for reference and diagnostic purposes
  • organization of methodological events, visits, courses, seminars etc. focusing on anaerobic pathogens and infections and the determination of antibiotic sensitivity

Updated: 05. 02. 2018