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Jan Krhut

Jan Krhut

Academic degree, name, surname:doc. MUDr. Jan Krhut, Ph.D.
Room, floor, building: Building X
Research interests and teaching:urology
Department (Faculty): Department of Surgical Studies (Faculty of Medicine)
Phone number, mobile: +420 597 375 301
Personal website:

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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Holaňová RomanaEffectiveness comparison of individual and group physiotherapy by patients with urinary incontinenceMaster's thesis 2013 
Kaletová BarboraThe Effect of Body Position on Pelvic Floor Muscles ActivationBachelor's thesis 2010 
Komorášová JanaThe Use of Electrostimulation and Biofeedback in the Therapy of Urinary IncontinenceBachelor's thesis 2006 
Trlicová PavlaPhysiotherapeutical influence of urinary incontinency by womenBachelor's thesis 2005 

Evaluation of Continence Mechanisms Using Ex Vivo Preparation of Human Urinary Bladder and Urethra
Main solverdoc. MUDr. Jan Krhut, Ph.D.
Period3/2013 - 12/2015
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