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Irina Chmelová

Academic degree, name, surname:MUDr. Irina Chmelová, Ph.D., MBA
Room, floor, building: ZO 117, Building ZO
Research interests and teaching:
Department (Faculty): Department of Rehabilitation (Faculty of Medicine)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 1617
Personal website:

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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Málková AnnaEvaluation of gross motor function in cerebral palsied childrenMaster's thesis 2017 
Vantuchová RenátaActivities and participation of cerebral palsied adolescentsMaster's thesis 2014 
Chmurová PetraEffectiveness of Bobath concept therapy in children with Cerebral PalsyMaster's thesis 2013 
Vavrušková MonikaPlay in disabled childrenBachelor's thesis 2020 
Hurník OndřejPhysiotherapy for people with cerebral palsyBachelor's thesis 2019 
Steblová DenisaMusculoskeletal Changes in a Child with Cerebral PalsyBachelor's thesis 2018 
Kantorová AdrianaUse of modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy in children with hemiparesisBachelor's thesis 2016 
Fialová TerezaThe effect of hipporehabilitation on supporting functions of the upper limb in children with hemiparesisBachelor's thesis 2015 
Balogová DarjaCorrect child positioning and handlingBachelor's thesis 2012 
Vantuchová RenátaInfluence of canistherapy to fine motor skills of cerebral palsied childrenBachelor's thesis 2012 
Vlachová MarieThe Role of Occupational Therapist in the Preoperative and Postoperative Care of the Spastic HandBachelor's thesis 2012 
Sikorová KateřinaHydrokinesiotherapy in Children with Cerebral PalsyBachelor's thesis 2011 
Baumová BarboraSelf-Feeding in Cerebral Palsied ChildrenBachelor's thesis 2010 
Crhová MartinaStrategies and Approaches of the Kinesiotherapy in Children with Developmental Imperfection of the Hip JointBachelor's thesis 2010 
Holušová EvaOccupational Therapy in Cerebral Palsied ChildrenBachelor's thesis 2010 
Martynková AnetaThe effect of controlled physiotherapy for patients with cerebral palsy in conditions of institutional care in UkraineBachelor's thesis 2009 

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