Projects and Grants

  1. Influence of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Bacterial Metabolism. Description: Study of the Influence of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Viability and Change of Bacterial Sensitivity to Antibiotics. Current status: The research is ongoing, two SGS grants have been implemented, several publications in Jimp have been published. Further direction: GACR-application preparation suspended due to pandemic, expected date of submission – 2022. Stakeholders: D. Chmelař, M. Rozložník, M. Hájek, J. Kuzma, partners: Institute of Aviation Health Prague, City Hospital Ostrava, Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen.

  2. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: the limit between healthy and cancer. Description: Study of HBO on cancer cells in cooperation with Lisbon University Medical School, Portugal. Current situation: The first meetings on the possibility of cooperation took place, suspended due to the pandemic. The way forward: continuing cooperation. Stakeholders: M. Rozložník, D. Chmelař, M. Hájek, J. Kuzma, I. Zavacká. Partners: Lisbon University Medical School, Portugal.

  3. Development, testing and optimization of prototype of device for heating and maintenance in-storey temperature of experimental hyperbaric chamber HAUX – realization of a patent. Description: The aim of the project is to create a device that would allow the maintenance and control of the internal temperature in the experimental hyperbaric chamber HAUX TESTCOM 400. Current status: Negotiation of contractual conditions with a partner. The way forward: realization of a patent. Stakeholders: M. Rozložník, I. Zavacká, D. Chmelař. Partners: Tensio Technology s.r.o.

  4. The effect of diving on the diver's body. Description: study of the effect of diving on the human body. Current status: research has been conducted on the effects of cold on the diver's cognitive functions. Next steps: continuing research to publish the results, expanding research on the Venous Gas Emboli, oxidative stress and monitoring the saturation and saturation of the diver's body. Interested employees: M. Rozložník. Partners: DAN EUROPE Slovakia, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Hradec Králové.

  5. Diving as a tool for monitoring psychological and physiological changes in a person in an extreme environment Description: Diving as a tool for the study of physiological and psychological changes related to human stay in the extreme conditions of analog missions. Current status: establishing cooperation, preparation for project submission. Next direction: monitoring of physiological and psychological changes during simulated analog missions in underwater habitate, resp. during extreme dives. Interested employees: M. Rozložník. Partners: ECO-Encouter Institute LTD Israel, Hydronaut Project.

  6. Project Interreg V-A SK-CZ (MIRRI) - Description: Online educational platform for students of medical and non-medical disciplines with a focus on hyperbaric medicine. The aim of the project is research and innovation activities in public research centers and competence centers, including networking. Improving the quality and efficiency of tertiary and equivalent education and access to it in order to increase the number of students and the level of education, especially for disadvantaged groups. Improving equal access to lifelong learning for all age groups in formal, non-formal and informal learning, increasing the knowledge, skills and competences of the workforce and promoting flexible learning. Increasing the labor market relevance of education and training systems, facilitating the transition from education to employment and improving vocational education and training systems and their quality. Investigators: Rozložník M., Hájek M., Chmelař D. Partners: Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín in Trenčín, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno.

  7. RCT, observational retrospective clinical work, creation of systematic reviews - SR in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), SR diabetic foot syndrome, SR traumatic brain injury, observational studies of patients with CRPS.

Updated: 18. 02. 2022