Main tasks of the Centre

  • In the form of scientific projects, it implements scientific research activities in the field of hyperbaric medicine, diving medicine, medical microbiology and other fields at Faculty of Medicine, participates in the practical application of the results into clinical practice.
  • It brings together the key research capacities of Faculty of Medicine in the field of hyperbaric medicine and coordinates and integrates their activities.
  • It provides acquisition activities of Faculty of Medicine in the field of identification of possible new directions of research and submits proposals for the conception of new scientific projects to the management of Faculty of Medicine.
  • It provides professional consulting activities in the field of implementation of scientific projects for all staff of Faculty of Medicine in the field of hyperbaric medicine.
  • It participates in theoretical and practical teaching of students of Faculty of Medicine in an autonomous subject Hyperbaric and diving medicine.
  • It creates partnerships with national and international partners for the purpose of joint scientific research projects and educational programs in the field of hyperbaric medicine and diving physiology.
  • Provides consulting activities for partners from the commercial sector in the field of hyperbaric medicine.

Development directions, basic activities

  • Clinical activity – multiplace quadratic hyperbaric chamber including the possibility of treatment of patients in intensive care regime, planned monoplace chamber for therapeutic/teaching purposes,
  • Teaching activity theoretical and practical - in the subject Hyperbaric and diving medicine- demonstration of diving techniques, teaching/simulation programs (therapeutic/teaching monmoplace chamber mentioned above),
  • organization of training, courses of diving, hyperbaric medicine, general practitioners, sport medicine doctors, diving lecturers,
  • Development of scientific-research activities in the field of hyperbaric medicine, practical application of results into clinical practice.

Updated: 18. 02. 2022