About the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics provides undergraduate and postgraduate theoretical teaching and practical training across the entire spectrum of this broad field. The undergraduate programme gives students the necessary range of knowledge and skills enabling them to study General Medicine at Master’s level, as well as to gain qualifications in obstetrics and to work as paramedics, nutrition therapists, physiotherapists and ergotherapists.

Teaching at the Department covers four sub-specializations: foetomaternal medicine, reproductive gynecology, urogynecology and oncogynecology. The Department is also accredited to provide diagnostics and gynecological treatment to children and adolescents. All of the Department’s staff are renowned experts with wide-ranging experience of teaching and research and a network of international contacts. All employees of the Department are involved in teaching, ensuring a highly individual approach to both students and patients. Some teaching is provided by external specialists who are long-term collaborators with the Department.

In addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, students also acquire practical skills in operating theatres and obstetrics wards, in-patient departments, out-patient centres and consultancy centres. Students are acquainted with the latest developments in diagnostic and treatment methods. The Department’s facilities are available to students not only during teaching hours, but also at other times. Students can also become involved in research groups under the supervision of an expert tutor; tutors help students during their practical work and also when preparing presentations for the Faculty’s annual student conference.

The Department is also involved in postgraduate teaching; as a holder of the European UEMS-EBCOG accreditation it provides the highest standard of training in gynecology and obstetrics. It also runs study stays as part of pre-attestation training, including compulsory operations, diagnostic examinations, seminar presentations and a written thesis on an assigned topic. The Department is a member of the Czech Health Ministry’s Specialist Training Panel for gynecology and obstetrics, and runs all compulsory pre-attestation courses and examinations.

The Department is involved in grant-funded research and major clinical studies, as well as several international projects. It organizes seminars for specialists in gynecology and obstetrics, conducts regular public audits of care provision, and helps organize national conferences.

The Department’s research activities focus mainly on early diagnostics and new treatment procedures for complicated pathological pregnancies or pregnancy losses, new methods of diagnosis and treatment of oncogynecological diseases, and disorders of the pelvic floor including urinary incontinence. The Department has an excellent range of modern equipment and facilities including equipment for endoscopic operations.

Updated: 25. 01. 2018