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About the Department of Imaging Methods

The Department of Imaging Methods provides teaching in the Bachelor degree programme Radiology Assistant, which trains specialists in this rapidly developing profession.

The dynamic development of radiological techniques and new investigative procedures requires professionals with sufficient knowledge of medical disciplines and also a good awareness of physical and technical fields; this enables flexible communication between graduates and medical/technical professionals.

Graduates are well equipped to undertake additional post-graduate studies and eventually develop a narrower specialization in various sub-fields of radiology. Training in language skills allows graduates to study foreign-language professional literature, complete internships and participate in international congresses. Graduates are also equipped with theoretical knowledge enabling them to organize and manage the work of other health professionals.

The Department of Imaging Methods provides instruction for other Bachelor degree programmes at the Faculty of Medicine (General Nurse, Paramedic, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technician) and the Master's degree programme in General Medicine. The Department also teaches students from the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (the degree programmes Biomedical Technician and Biomedical Engineer).

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