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About the Department of Surgical Studies

The Department of Surgical Studies provides practical and theoretical teaching of basic surgical subjects for general medicine. Other accredited degrees involving the Department include programmes for paramedics, general nursing, midwifery, radiology assistants, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, community care in midwifery and intensive care. The Department also provides instruction for degree programmes offered by other faculties at the University of Ostrava, as well as programmes at the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (in the field of biomedical techniques). The Department cooperates closely with other departments and institutes at the Faculty of Medicine in its teaching provision.

Subjects offered by the Department cover a wide range of areas: fundamentals of general surgery, thoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, urology, cardiac surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. The instruction is provided by physicians who are leading experts in their respective fields, with high levels of scientific and pedagogical expertise and extensive networks of international contacts.

Through tuition in surgical disciplines, students have the opportunity to acquire a broad range of theoretical and practical skills related to diagnosis and treatment in the individual surgical specialties according to their specialization and degree programme. Thanks to the Department’s close links with the Ostrava University Hospital, the effectiveness of teaching is maximized by harnessing the potential of the hospital’s large clinical departments. The clinical basis for the programmes is mainly provided by the following hospital workplaces: the Department of Surgery, the Trauma Centre, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit, the Cardiac Centre, the Centre for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, the Burns Centre, the Orthopedics Unit, the Urology Unit, the Transplantation Centre and the Operating Theatres Department.

Basic research activities at the Department of Surgical Studies focus on minimally invasive surgical techniques, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in oncological surgery, oncogynaecology, liver surgery, surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic surgery, transplant surgery, and the current issue of cell technology and stem cells. The Department is involved in national and international research projects, organizing regular seminars and co-organizing nationwide conferences. The Department also cooperates closely with a number of institutions abroad, both in research and in education (at undergraduate and postgraduate levels).

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