About the Department of Imaging Methods

The Department of Imaging Methods teaches courses for the Bachelor’s degree which trains future radiology assistants.

The rapid development of radiological technology – coupled with the emergence of new medical investigative methods – requires radiology professionals to possess sufficient expertise not only in medical disciplines, but also in technical fields, enabling them to combine both areas of expertise in their work.

Graduates of the Radiology Assistant degree are equipped to enter postgraduate studies and to specialize in various subfields of radiology. They also have language skills enabling them to study international literature, travel abroad for student mobility programmes, and participate in international conferences. Graduates have a solid theoretical knowledge base enabling them to organize and manage the work of other health care professionals.

The Department of Imaging Methods teaches courses in radio diagnostics for a number of Bachelor’s degrees (General Nurse, Paramedic, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Assistant) and for the General Medicine Master’s degree. The Department also provides teaching for students of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (in degrees for future biomedical technicians and biomedical engineers).

Updated: 30. 01. 2018