About of the Forensic Medicine

The Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Ostrava University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of the Ostrava University provides forensic medical services for the Moravian-Silesian Region. This institute primarily conducts medical and medico-legal autopsies. Medical autopsies are carried out according to Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on Health Services (for individuals who have died outside of medical facilities, in cases of all violent deaths, as well as in instances of suspected improper medical care or deaths of individuals in custody or serving prison sentences). The staff of the Institute of Forensic Medicine also participates in expert activities for authorities involved in criminal proceedings (typically the Police of the Czech Republic), particularly in cases of suspicious and violent deaths. Expert opinions are provided through professional assessments for the legal qualification of bodily harm. Forensic medical practitioners also provide continuous consulting services for the Czech Police, including the presence of a medical professional at the location of a deceased body's discovery.

The laboratory section of the institute offers a comprehensive toxicological service, which involves examining biological samples for the presence of alcohol and other toxicologically significant substances. Investigations cover not only biological material obtained during autopsies but also biological samples collected from clinical settings for patients suspected of intoxication, from drivers, and potentially from employees of private companies or self-paying individuals upon request.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine contributes not only to the undergraduate education of 5th-year medical students at the Medical Faculty of Ostrava University, including international students, but also to the training of healthcare rescuers. The education provided focuses on acquiring theoretical knowledge in the field of forensic medicine and forensic toxicology, as well as practical demonstrations of sudden and violent death morphological findings, assessment of injury mechanisms, determination of time of death, and more. During a week-long internship, students acquire fundamental knowledge of the field, which they can apply in their future medical careers. The institute is also actively involved in scientific research activities and the publication of professional articles.

Updated: 09. 08. 2023