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Renáta Zeleníková

Academic degree, name, surname:PhDr. Renáta Zeleníková, PhD.
Room, floor, building: ZY 318, Building ZY
Research interests and teaching:nursing
Department (Faculty): Department of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Medicine)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 1609
Personal website:


2011PhD (Nursing), Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
2009Specialization study (Surgical nursing care), Slovak Medical University, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006PhDr. (Nursing), University of Trnava, Slovakia
2002Pedagogical study – follow up, Pedagogical faculty, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
2000Master degree (Nursing), Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
1995General Nurse study programme, Secondary Nursing School St. Basil the Great in Prešov, Slovakia

Further education, courses

2017Certified memory trainer I.
2015Working with the body in crisis intervention
2015Complex crisis intervention in helping professions training
2013Bereavement Facilitator
2012The Basics of Teaching, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2012Designing Effective Assessments, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2012Assessing Learners: Assignments and Tests, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2012Teaching with PowerPoint, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2012How learning Works: 7 Research-Based Principles for smart teaching, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2012Grading and Feedback, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2012Interactive Teaching and Learning in Large Lecture Classes, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
2010To respect and to be respected, Society for pro brain compatible education
2010Research methods in nursing. Questionnaire and its utilization, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava, Martin
2009Intensive English Language Program, Felician college, The Franciscan College of New Jersey
2008Course - Methodology of scientific research, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava, Martin
2006Prevention of sepsis at the Units of Intensive Care from the view of nurses, University Hospital Ostrava Poruba
2004Kinaesthetics basic course, organized by the Institute of Nursing Theory and Practice, Medical Faculty, Palacky University, Olomouc
2003Course „Stimulation of Sensation – basic level“, organized by the Institute of Nursing and Health Care Management, Health and Social Faculty, University of Ostrava
2003Training course „Oncological Conditions of the Breast – Tutor Training“, organized by Project Hope, Prague
2003Course „Stimulation of Sensation – basic level“, organized by the Institute of Nursing and Health Care Management, Health and Social Faculty, University of Ostrava
2003Summer school titled: „Conceptual nursing models in education, exemplification case studies (Orem´s concept of self-care)“ organized by the Institute of Nursing Theory and Practice, Medical Faculty, Palacký University, Olomouc
2003Complex care of stoma patients: University Hospital Ostrava Poruba
2002 - 2003Sign language course - level 1
2002State-of-the-art approaches to wound healing, Faculty Hospital St. Anne in Brno

Working experiences

2010 – till nowInstitute of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine (former Faculty of Health Sciences), University of Ostrava, lecturer
2007 - 2009Institute of Nursing, Faculty of Public Policies, Silesian University in Opava, lecturer
2004 - 2006Unit of Surgical Intensive Care, University Hospital Ostrava, nurse
2002 - 2004Department of Nursing, Medical Social Faculty, University of Ostrava, lecturer
2002 - 2003Clinic of Surgery, University Hospital Ostrava, nurse
2001 - 2002Surgical department, Faculty hospital in Martin, nurse
2000 - 2001Secondary Nursing School St. Basil the Great in Prešov, teacher

Professional orientation (subjects taught)

Evidence Based Nursing
Transcultural nursing
Surgical nursing care


Czech Society of Wound Healing
Czech Association of Nurses, Section of Surgical Nurses
Czech society for memory training and brain jogging
peer-review journal Central European Journal of Nursing and Midwifery - editor (from 2014)
peer-review journal Ošetřovatelství a porodní asistence – editor (2010-2014)


2018 – 2021AZV NV18-09-00420 Rationing of nursing care as one of indicators of the occurrence of nosocomial infections and other adverse effects in hospitalized patients
2018 – 2021Erasmus+ 2018-1-ES01-KA203-050216 Providing a teaching and learning open and innovative toolkit for evidence-based practice to nursing European curriculum
2018 – 2020INTER-COST LTC18018 Nursing care rationing as related to nurses' perceptions of professional practice environment
2017 – 2018SGS08/LF/2017-2018 The efficacy of dressings containing honey in treatment of non-healing wounds
2017 – 2020AZV 17-29447A A neuropalliative rehabilitation approach to preserve the quality of life in patients with an advanced stage of selected neurological diseases (member of team 4-9/2017)
2016 – 2020COST OC-2015-2-20085 Rationing-Missed Nursing Care: An international and multidimensional problem
2016 – 2018Erasmus+ 2016-1PL01-KA202-026615 Multicultural Care in European Intensive Care Units
2016 – 2017SGS05/LF/2016-2017 Burnout of caregivers of patients with dementia
2013 – 2015IGA MZČR NT/14502 Development and implementation of a clinical practice guideline for fall prevention of hospitalized patients
2012 – 2013University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, Department of Acute and Tertiary Care funding opportunity for Translating Excellence into Practice: Evaluating the teaching of evidence-based practice in nursing
2012 – 2013Visegrad Fund V4 projekt 21210329 Quality of life of patients with diabetic foot ulcers in Visegrad countries DIAFQOL
2010 – 2011MŠMT MEB 0810029 Czech-Slovak Scientific-Technical Collaboration – Issue in Nursing Diagnostics – Theoretical basis and Clinical Applications
2009IGS SU v Opavě č. 42/2009 "Validation of nursing diagnosis"

Activities abroad

11. 9. – 15. 9. 2017Faculty of Health Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia (Erasmus+)
24. 7. – 28. 7. 2017Short Term Scientific Mission, Cyprus University of Technology, School of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, Cyprus
19. 4. – 22. 4. 2017Bern, Switzerland (Florence Network Meeting)
12. 12. – 15. 12. 2016University of Bielsko-Biała, Poland (Erasmus+)
12. 9. – 16. 9. 2016 University of Évora, Évora, Portugal (Erasmus+)
14. 12. – 17. 12. 2015Faculty of Health Sciences, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary (Erasmus+)
12. 4. – 17. 4. 2015Riga Medical College, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia (Erasmus+)
25. 11. - 27. 11. 2014Jessenius Medical Faculty in Martine, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia (Erasmus+)
22. 9. – 26. 9. 2014Cyprus University of Technology, School of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, Limassol, Cyprus (Erasmus+)
25. 5. - 30. 5. 2014Medical University of Plovdiv, Republic of Bulgaria (Erasmus+)
9. 9. – 13. 9. 2013University of West London, London, United Kingdom (Comprehensive Systematic Review Training)
26. 5. – 1. 6. 2013Faculty of Nursing and Chiropody, University of Valencia, Spain (Erasmus)
15. 8. - 15. 12. 2012School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA (scholarship)
28. 5. – 2. 6. 2012Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal (Erasmus)
1. 5. – 5. 5. 2011Department of Health Studies, University of Stavanger, Norway (Erasmus)
4. 9. – 11. 9. 2010Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal (Erasmus)
2. 5. – 7. 5. 2010Medical Faculty, Florence University, Italy (Erasmus)
26. 1. – 7. 2. 2009School of Nursing, Hanze University, Groningen, Netherland (12th International Comparative Nursing Module)
28. 1. – 2. 2. 2008School of Nursing, Hanze University Groningen, Netherland (11th International Comparative Nursing Module)
26. 5. – 30. 5. 2004Hanzehogeschool van Groningen, Netherland (Introduction curriculumbuilding)
26. 1. – 6. 2. 2004Hanzehogeschool van Groningen, Netherland (7th International Comparative Nursing Module)
28. 5. – 3. 6. 2003School of Community Health, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland (Socrates)
3. – 14. 2. 2003Hanzehogeschool van Groningen, Netherland (6th International Comparative Nursing Module)
15. - 22. 2. 2003Hanzehogeschool van Groningen, Netherland (Socrates)

Language skills

English advanced

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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Augustínová AlžbetaAssessment of spiritual needs of elderlyMaster's thesis 2017 
Kovářová KristýnaEvaluation of preoperative fear before surgery procedure at the elderlyMaster's thesis 2017 
Vytřensová MarkétaAssessment of cultural competences of pediatric nurses in Czech RepublicMaster's thesis 2017 
Holleschová TerezaAnalysis of development of the fall of seniors in selected social equipmentMaster's thesis 2016 
Muroňová AlexandraEye diseases and loss of self-sufficiency of elderlyMaster's thesis 2016 
Pospíšilová KláraThe experience of pregnancy, labour and puerperium amongst Roma womenMaster's thesis 2016 
Snášelová-Navrátilová VendulaEvaluation of limitations in activities of daily living in patients with vertebrogenic diseaseMaster's thesis 2016 
Stašová ŠtěpánkaUrinary incontinence in elderlyMaster's thesis 2016 
Vymětalová RadkaQuality of life of patiens with diabetic foot ulcersMaster's thesis 2016 
Biskupová MarkétaRisk assessment of pressure sores in the elderly in long-term careMaster's thesis 2015 
Čumpelíková MarieThe issue of colorectal cancer in the elderly and its preventionMaster's thesis 2015 
Kantorová LucieThe fear of pregnancy and childbirth for women Roma etnicityMaster's thesis 2015 
Klenková VeronikaSelf- care in patients with pulmonary embolismMaster's thesis 2015 
Kukliczová IvetaQuality of Sleep in ElderlyMaster's thesis 2015 
Pokludová DanaAssessment of Self-Sufficiency of Elderly with Dementia in Home CareMaster's thesis 2015 
Stroková JanaSpiritual Needs of Oncology PatientsMaster's thesis 2015 
Černochová MonikaRisk of falls in older adults after operation at the orthopedic departmentMaster's thesis 2014 
Růžičková VeronikaFear of fall in seniorsMaster's thesis 2014 
Tiefenbachová PavlínaPrevention of falls in the elderly and risk factors in the home environmentMaster's thesis 2014 
Zatloukalová MarcelaInformation need of geriatric patients after lower limb amputationMaster's thesis 2014 
Homzová PavlínaEvaluation of preoperative anxiety and fearMaster's thesis 2013 
Maniaková LenkaNurses´ knowledge of pain in the elderlyMaster's thesis 2013 
Broďáková BlankaAssessment of Pain in acute care settingsMaster's thesis 2012 
Macková HelenaFactors that affect the use of Nursing Diagnoses in practiceMaster's thesis 2012 
Rusková KláraEvaluation of nutritional status of critically ill elderly peopleMaster's thesis 2012 
Kolegarová VěraCaregiver Role Strain from the view of home care nursesMaster's thesis 2011 
Matysová LucieThe role of nurse in the prevention of ventilator - associated pneumonia at elderly patientsMaster's thesis 2011 
Galasová HanaNursing Process in Care of Patient with Urethroplasty for Urethral StrictureBachelor's thesis 2017 
Jurišová MonikaNursing Process in Care of Patient after Radical ProstatectomyBachelor's thesis 2017 
Olšarová JitkaNursing Care Plan for a Patient with Percutaneous TracheostomyBachelor's thesis 2017 
Pechová LenkaNursing Process in Care of Patient after Surgery Femoral Neck FractureBachelor's thesis 2017 
Pilchová KarlaNursing Care Plan for Patient with Inguinal HerniaBachelor's thesis 2017 
Silberová AnežkaNursing Process in Care of Patient with Esophageal CancerBachelor's thesis 2017 
Stryjová KarolínaNursing Process in Care of Patient with Subarachnoid HemorrhageBachelor's thesis 2017 
Volková KristýnaNursing Care of a Patient after Cystectomy for Bladder CancerBachelor's thesis 2017 
Vozňáková AnetaNursing Process in Care of Patient with Total Knee ArthroplastyBachelor's thesis 2017 
Elfenbeinová HanaPain during colonoscopyBachelor's thesis 2016 
Gurecká DagmarNursing Care of Patient after Heart TransplantationBachelor's thesis 2016 
Hanáčková JanaFlushing peripheral venous catheterBachelor's thesis 2016 
Hrčkuĺáková AdrianaThe Use of Vacuum Therapy on the Healing of Chronic WoundsBachelor's thesis 2016 
Moravcová MartinaIssue of Patient with Acute Pancreatitis in Intensive CareBachelor's thesis 2016 
Trnovcová ZuzanaNursing Care of Patient with PolytraumaBachelor's thesis 2016 
Žilinská KateřinaNursing Process of Patient with Oncological Liver DiseaseBachelor's thesis 2016 
Biegonová MonikaImpact of back pain on daily activities of patientsBachelor's thesis 2015 
Dworoková KateřinaNursing Process in Care of Patient with Trombolytic Therapy in Ischemic Peripheral Arterial DiseaseBachelor's thesis 2015 
Hellebrandová VeronikaNursing Care Plan for Patient Undergoing Awake CraniotomyBachelor's thesis 2015 
Kotzmannová HanaQuality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritisBachelor's thesis 2015 
Messingová JanaPreoperative Hair Removal at the Operating FieldBachelor's thesis 2015 
Relligová EvaImmobilization after Lumbar Puncture as a Prevention of Postdural Puncture SyndromeBachelor's thesis 2015 
Svobodová AnetaMonitoring of nutritional status in patients with spinal cord injuryBachelor's thesis 2015 
Ševečková PetraNursing Care of the Patient after TonsillectomyBachelor's thesis 2015 
Špačková LucieNursing Process in Care of Patient after Total ThyroidectomyBachelor's thesis 2015 
Tkačíková MartinaMonitoring quality of life in patients with prostate cancer treated with cyberknifeBachelor's thesis 2015 
Dembinná PatricieAssessment of Quality of Life in Patients Treated for Non-Healing WoundsBachelor's thesis 2014 
Golasowská MartinaThe nursing process in patient with acute pancreatitisBachelor's thesis 2014 
Holleschová TerezaComparison of limitation of daily activities in patients before and after intervertebral disc surgeryBachelor's thesis 2014 
Kašubová DrahomíraNursing Care of Patients with Parkinson´s DiseaseBachelor's thesis 2014 
Krakowczyková DenisaNon-remunerated blood donationBachelor's thesis 2014 
Krůlová PetraThe Issue of Patient with Fournier GangreneBachelor's thesis 2014 
Kubesová SimonaNursing Care of Patients with Percutaneous Endoscopic GastrostomyBachelor's thesis 2014 
Lapčíková PetraNursing Process in Care of patient with multiple sclerosisBachelor's thesis 2014 
Loryšová EliškaNursing Care of Patients with Diabetic Foot SyndromeBachelor's thesis 2014 
Muroňová AlexandraNursing Care Plan for Patient after Eye InjuryBachelor's thesis 2014 
Prokešová PetraNursing Process in Care of Patient after the Nephrectomy for Renal Cell CarcinomaBachelor's thesis 2014 
Recová VeronikaEvaluation of functional involvement in patients with knee osteoarthrosisBachelor's thesis 2014 
Snášelová-Navrátilová VendulaNursing Care of Patients with Aortic DissectionBachelor's thesis 2014 
Spac LukášNursing care of patient with knee arthroscopyBachelor's thesis 2014 
Stašová ŠtěpánkaNursing care plan for a patient with nephrostomyBachelor's thesis 2014 
Vančurová BeataEducation of the parents of children with atopic dermatitisBachelor's thesis 2014 
Czyžová PetraAn Analysis of Nursing Diagnoses for Patients after Hip Replacement SurgeryBachelor's thesis 2013 
Dodková VěraStay in the Operating Theatre From the Patient´s PerspectiveBachelor's thesis 2013 
Gombalová PetraThe activities of nurses in perioperative careBachelor's thesis 2013 
Gybasová ZdeňkaNursing Process in Care of Patient with Bronchogenic CarcinomaBachelor's thesis 2013 
Horehleďová MarieNursing care for patient with total hip arthoplastyBachelor's thesis 2013 
Kaletová AndreaNursing Care of a Patient after Thyroid Gland SurgeryBachelor's thesis 2013 
Kyjonková MonikaNursing Care of Patients after Stroke in Health Spa InstitutionBachelor's thesis 2013 
Manová KamilaNursing Care of Patient after gallbladder surgeryBachelor's thesis 2013 
Pokludová DanaThe evaluation of family caregivers´ burdenBachelor's thesis 2013 
Razimová MartaAttitude of the perioperative nurses to the education of a patientsBachelor's thesis 2013 
Sztulová LadaAn analysis of nursing documentation in patients after cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulationBachelor's thesis 2013 
Štěpánová MonikaNursing care of patients with dementiaBachelor's thesis 2013 
Wagnerová HelenaEvaluation and devaluation in communication of nurses with geriatric patientsBachelor's thesis 2013 
Zvonková MarcelaEvaluation of Fear before surgery procedureBachelor's thesis 2013 
Cielecká JaroslavaPregnancy and childbirth in women of the Religious Society of JehovahBachelor's thesis 2012 
Pluhařová LenkaThe most frequent nursing diagnoses in stoma patientsBachelor's thesis 2012 
Šafaříková KarinProblems of patients with acute myocardial infarctionBachelor's thesis 2012 
Vojkůvková MartinaSpecifics of nursing care for patients with aggressive behaviourBachelor's thesis 2012 
Wojnarová DanutaQuality of life of patients with chronic atrial fibrillationBachelor's thesis 2012 
Zatloukalová MarcelaProblems of patients with proximal femoral fractures in postoperative careBachelor's thesis 2012 
Zdražilová PetraProblems of a patient suffering from degenerative illnes of spineBachelor's thesis 2012 
Gondeková VěraProblems of Patient with Diffuse Axonal InjuryBachelor's thesis 2011 
Heczková EditaNursing Care of Patient with a Tracheostomy in Intensive CareBachelor's thesis 2011 
Hoďáková LucieSpecific Nursing Care of Patients with MRSABachelor's thesis 2011 
Homzová PavlínaNursing Care of Patients with ischemic peripheral arterial diseaseBachelor's thesis 2011 
Hrbáčková MarcelaPregnancy at a Later AgeBachelor's thesis 2011 
Kubesová RadkaEducation of patient with colostomyBachelor's thesis 2011 
Mališová JanaNursing Care of Patient with Epidural CatheterBachelor's thesis 2011 
Pastrňáková AlexandraPatient education by perioperative nurseBachelor's thesis 2011 
Sojková JindřiškaProblems of Woman with HysterectomyBachelor's thesis 2011 
Tkáčová VěraMentors Evaluation from the Perspective of Nursing StudentsBachelor's thesis 2011 
Kantorová LucieRoma culture influence on pregnancy and birthBachelor's thesis 2010 
Rogozná ZdenkaPrevention of the varicose veins of general nursesBachelor's thesis 2010 

The efficacy of dressings containing honey in treatment of non-healing wounds
Main solverPhDr. Renáta Zeleníková, PhD.
Period1/2017 - 12/2018
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