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Methodology for evaluating the exposure-response relationship of persons exposed in the environment to mining noise
Project IdSS05010044
Main solverdoc. Ing. Hana Tomášková, Ph.D.
Period3/2022 - 2/2025
ProviderLékařská fakulta, Program ÉTA
AnotationThe aim of the project is to propose a methodology for assessing the impact of mining noise on exposed residents, which may manifest itself in subjective negative effects (nuisance, sleep disturbance), based on noise values obtained by long-term noise monitoring and application of an internationally validated questionnaire. The essence of the project is long-term monitoring of mining noise by in-situ measurements in localities affected by the surface mine Turów (Poland) in order to capture the development of noise in a long time series as the mining area gradually approaches the built-up area of municipalities (measured in 5-week blocks during each calendar year). Measurements in outdoor space and subsequent creation of spatial interpretation of measured data in the area of interest. Measurements in the interior of residential buildings with a focus on the presence of low-frequency noise, which residents are already complaining about. A questionnaire survey would be repeatedly carried out in the exposed area with the aim of evaluating noise nuisance by means of social and socio-acoustic surveys in relation to the measured, resp. calculated noise levels to individual buildings.