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Support of healthy ageing: using educational and psychosocial interventions to maintain mental health, for prevention and timely diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and cognitive disorders of older adults in a community
Project IdNU21-09-00067
Main solverdoc. PhDr. Radka Bužgová, Ph.D.
Period5/2021 - 12/2024
ProviderMinisterstvo zdravotnictví
AnotationThe main objective of the project is to determine the efficiency of educational programs and psychosocial interventions to maintain mental health, to prevent and timely diagnose any depression, anxieties, and cognitive disorders in older adults living in a community. Furthermore, the aim is to ascertain the incidence of depression, anxiety, and cognitive disorders in these older adults and its correlation to the assessment of life meaningfulness, self-respect, attitudes to old age and ageing, and the level of social support. An intervention study will be carried out. A prevention program will be formulated based on the individual needs of older adults as identified in the focus groups. Selected interventions will be performed in a present form (face to face) as well as distance form (e-Health) and will run at least for 6 months. The assessment of anxiety, depression, cognitive functions, and other psychosocial aspects will be done before the interventions start, when they finish, and 3 months after that. Based on quantitative analysis, there will be evaluated the efficiency of the provided intervention with respect to depression, anxiety, cognitive function, and psychosocial aspects (attitudes to old age, self-esteem, the sense of coherence, quality of life, level of social support). Older adults in the centrum for prevention and support healthy ageing in the community will be included in the research sample. Based on the findings, recommendations will be formulated regarding the selected interventions used in community care.