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Aggression of hospitalized patients and burnout syndrome in nurses
Project IdSGS01/LF/2019
Main solverPhDr. Zuzana KADLČKOVÁ
Period1/2019 - 12/2019
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe project focuses on current issues of aggressive behavior of hospitalized patients towards nurses and the impact of this aggression on experiencing burnout syndrome in nurses. Patient aggression in healthcare facilities is a complex issue that has a negative impact on the health of healthcare workers. Requires accurate measurement, monitoring, preventive interventions and interventions to reduce aggressive patient behavior. Nurses, in comparison with other groups of healthcare workers, are most at risk from the aggressive behavior of hospitalized patients. This experience can greatly affect their psychological resistance and contribute to the development or deepening of burnout syndrome. Burnout syndrome has been proven by many studies in nurses. The project aims to clarify the relationship between the incidence of aggression of hospitalized patients and the experience of burnout syndrome in nurses. The importance of the project is to identify the incidence of various forms of aggression of hospitalized patients towards nurses at selected workplaces in healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic through nurses presenting experience with patient aggression. At the same time, the relationship between the patient's aggression towards the nurses and the incidence of burnout syndrome in nurses, which so far has not been investigated in the Czech Republic, will be elucidated. The results of the research can be used for a more detailed analysis of nurses' experience with the aggression of hospitalized patients in selected healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic. At the same time as the basis for the implementation of preventive and protective measures in connection with patient aggression that will promote patient safety and a safe work environment for nurses.