About the Department of Craniofacial Surgery

Teaching consists of both theoretical lectures and practical tuition. The lectures focus on theoretical knowledge with direct practical applicability, and the practical tuition enables students to acquire and perfect basic surgical skills.

Students can also deepen their specialist knowledge by enrolling in the optional course “Physiological Principles of Craniofacial Skin Surgery”, which provides a unique set of knowledge on the key principles of surgical operations related to pathological skin conditions (incisions, skin flaps, sutures, surgical terminology and instruments). This theoretical knowledge base is immediately applied in practical simulations on artificial skin, using real surgical instruments. This is one of the most popular courses at the entire Faculty.

Other optional courses include two clinical placements (ORL, oral and orthognathic surgery). These are open to a limited number of students and introduce them to real-life surgical procedures; each student is under the direct supervision of a surgeon, shadowing the surgeon throughout the working day for a full week and thus gaining valuable insights into everyday medical practice – including work at the ward, the out-patient centre and in the operating theatre.

Research at the Department focuses on oncology, new diagnostic methods, extraesophageal reflux, and the effect of nanoparticles on human body pathology. Department staff are involved in a wide range of grant-funded research projects.

The Department works with a range of prestigious partner institutions in other countries, including university clinics in Germany (Augsburg, Erlangen, Leipzig, Gera, Stuttgart, Würzburg) and Hungary (Pecs).

Updated: 25. 01. 2018