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Jana Vlčková

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Academic degree, name, surname:MUDr. Jana Vlčková, Ph.D.
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Department/ Faculty: Department of Rehabilitation (Faculty of Medicine)
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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Buchtová KateřinaUsing VacuShape in Obesity Therapy and in Rehabilitation CareMaster's thesis 2014 
Hrazdílková PetraPhysiotherapy of painful shoulder syndromeBachelor's thesis 2015 
Humlová MarieSignificance of physical activity on the overweight reduction within the weight reduction programsBachelor's thesis 2014 
Kolínková KláraApplication of various conservative methods during rehabilitation of patients with coccygeal syndromeBachelor's thesis 2012 
Dostál ZdeněkPotencial to affect breathing functions by kinesiotherapyBachelor's thesis 2009 
Vichnarová PavlaPhysical activity as a part of the complex therapy of obesityBachelor's thesis 2008 

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