About the Center for Nursing Research (CNR)

The mission of the Center for Nursing Research is to support the development of nursing science and its use in nursing and health care practice. To expand the theoretical and knowledge base of nursing in the context of historical development and current trends, to develop nursing as a profiled scientific discipline. To support multidisciplinary health care research focused on patient outcomes and the implementation of evidence in practice.

Focus Areas

Research Areas

1. Nursing and health care services

  • Clinical and community care (geriatric, pediatric, psychiatric, obstetric)
  • Quality of nursing and health care
  • Work environment and job satisfaction
  • Education and health education
  • Digital technology in nursing

2. Psychosocial aspects of health and disease

  • Health-related quality of life
  • Social support in health and disease
  • Psychosocial needs of patients and carers
  • Ethical aspects of nursing and health care
  • Palliative care and the issue of dying

Updated: 23. 05. 2022