About the Center for Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Medicine

Development of new application technologies for teaching and clinical practice with a focus mainly on patients with central and peripheral nervous system disorders. This development will be carried out by finding connections and objectifying the results in the treatment of nervous tissue in virtual reality by monitoring the plasticity of brain tissue using BCI (Brain Computer Interface) technologies in cooperation with all subjects.

The research will focus on the broad-spectrum use of activation of brain centers in neurology, neurosurgery, IT rehabilitation by using the method of signals caused by changes in electrical potential caused by targeted brain activity (Rehabilitation with Brain Computer Interface Systems) through artificial intelligence applications or visualization and simulation of the healthcare environment in virtual reality. The aim is to prevent the chronification of the disease by systematizing and increasing the effectiveness of medical care for patients with central and peripheral nervous system disorders. The result should be a significant reduction in the economic burden on the health, social and education systems.

Updated: 07. 10. 2021