About the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine

The clinic of anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive medicine is a separate workplace with pedagogical, scientific research and medical activities.

As part of its pedagogical activities, the clinic guarantees and organizes education in the three-year bachelor's degree program Paramedic / Paramedic in full-time and combined form and in the follow-up master's field of Intensive Care in combined form.

Graduates of the field of paramedics acquire professional qualifications to provide direct emergency care for the sick and injured, whose life is immediately threatened in the pre-hospital and inter-hospital phase. As part of hospital care, students are prepared to provide nursing care in the area of anesthesia-resuscitation care, intensive care and emergency admissions, where they participate in urgent medical and diagnostic care.

In 2011, the clinic received accreditation for the follow-up master's field of Intensive care. A graduate of this field will be a specialist capable of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation in the provision of intensive care to patients with reversible failure of vital functions, or to patients threatened by this failure. Graduates of the follow-up master's degree in Intensive Care will find a wide range of employment in the field of emergency care, specifically in inpatient and perioperative ARO stations, in interdisciplinary intensive care units, in intensive care units of specialized workplaces, in chronic resuscitation and intensive care units (OCHRIP), in emergent / urgent hospital revenues and in emergency care and disaster medicine.

Since 2008, the clinic has been accredited by the MZČR for the organization of Specialized Education in the field of Intensive Care. The goal of the educational program is to prepare general nurses for the provision of specialized competence in accordance with the latest findings of science and research. The staff of the clinic have been teaching intensive care and emergency medicine for many years and cooperate in teaching with NCO NZO in Brno.

The department guarantees theoretical and practical teaching of First Aid, Urgent care in acute conditions at the Faculty of Medicine, and in the framework of teaching First Aid it also cooperates with other OU faculties and the University of Mines. The clinic participates in the teaching of the field of General Medicine. As part of medical activities, using their educational skills, students of the field of Paramedics participate in first aid courses that the clinic provides as part of ESF projects, in teaching at primary schools or organizing public events.

The clinic organizes a retraining course for the Medical Officer of Recovery Actions (ZZA). The graduate of the course orients himself in acute conditions and other selected diseases. He perfectly controls layman's first aid. It is mainly used as a ZZA at camps, outdoor schools and ski courses. Furthermore, he is able to fully ensure health supervision at sports, cultural and social events.

Since 2007, the clinic has been organizing a student competition under the name First Aid Day (DPP). The competition is intended for students of the field of Paramedic / Paramedic at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad. DPP is a multi-day meeting of students from individual schools, during which they have the opportunity to compare their experience and knowledge acquired so far, which they put into practice during simulated situations, based on real trips of medical emergency service crews. During several competition stages, students perform pre-prepared competition tasks, during which they behave like real RZP crew during the trip and proceed according to valid standards and competencies. You can find detailed information about the competition at  www.dppostrava.cz.

The clinic of anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive medicine focuses on the development of the field of emergency medicine and intensive medicine both on a practical and theoretical level. The clinical base for teaching is primarily the Clinic of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine, the Medical Ambulance Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Ostrava University Hospital.

Clinic staff organize and implement seminars, conferences focusing on emergency medicine, acute conditions, continuity of pre-hospital and early hospital care, forensic fields. He participates in the organization of national conferences such as Dostálovy dny, Ostrava in urgent care, Symposium of intensive care, Ostrava days of forensic sciences.

The scientific research activity of the institute results from the scientific focus of the individual staff of the clinic, it focuses on the evaluation of the quality of life after cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the prevention of sepsis in the workplaces of intensive and resuscitation care, the use of automatic external defibrillation, the development of alternative algotherapy techniques in the conditions of emergency medicine, the issue of IRS and forensic sciences.

Updated: 08. 04. 2024