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About the Department of Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy is a part of the Faculty of Medicine. The Department provides education in anatomy - one of the principal medical and morphological disciplines - for all types of medical and non-medical undergraduate degrees.

The Department of Anatomy began its activities on 1 September 2010, teaching courses for the General Medicine programme. Tuition in anatomy runs for three semesters and consists of lectures and practical training in the autopsy room. An integral part of the tuition are anatomical autopsies, demonstrated using the state-of-the-art facilities at the autopsy tract. Practical training uses human cadavers from donors. During the autopsy, there are video links to the teaching rooms using modern camera systems installed during the last two years.

New methods of tuition (computer software, multimedia projections) are continually developed in order to improve the teaching of anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine. Students also have the opportunity to undertake self-study using a range of plastic anatomical models and preparations located in the Department’s study room. A high standard of education is achieved due to the interlinking of anatomy with clinical fields such as traumatology, surgery, orthopaedics, otolaryngology and neurology. A new subject will be launched in the summer semester 2014/2015 for 5th year students of the General Medicine programme.

In addition to their tuition activities, staff at the Department of Anatomy write teaching texts, make anatomical preparations, help to build an anatomical museum and implement new audiovisual techniques and 3D projections.

The Department of Anatomy is also a centre for research focusing on the lymphatic organs in physiological and pathological conditions and on new areas of investigation connected with the Centre for Epidemiological Research (part of the Faculty of Medicine).

The team at the Department of Anatomy works closely alongside the Department of Pathology and Histology to organize a national conference called "Clinical-Morphological Days", featuring participants from both the Czech Republic and abroad. Peer-reviewed proceedings of the conference (with ISBN) are published.

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