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International cooperation with the University L.U.de.S., Lugano - Pazzallo, Switzerland

Following the successful accreditation of the study program - Specialization in Healthcare -Physiotherapy in English, the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Ostrava established the cooperation with L.U.de.S. Lugano - Pazzallo, Switzerland. The first students entered the study of Double Diploma of the international program in the academic year 2008/2009. The first graduates of the University L.U.de.S. Lugano - Pazzallo receive a Diploma and Diploma Supplement of Medical Faculty, University of Ostrava in the current academic year.

In academic year 2011/2012 the cooperation extension of the study program of Physiotherapy in Italian language following the successful accreditation in September 2010 at the remote site of University of Ostrava, at the University L. U. de.S. Lugano Pazzallo, Switzerland. Graduates in Physiotherapy will have a title of foreign graduates of the Faculty of Medicine in Ostrava.

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